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The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.
Charles Bukowski (via minuty)
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high school more like sigh school

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my dad is a cop and i just called him and he was like “hey i have a 17 year old boy in the back of my cop car right now that i’m running him to the station” and i asked if he was cute and my dad said “Hey, my daughter wants to know if you’re cute” and the guy said “i want to say yes, sir” and my dad started laughing so hard

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Fifth harmony: Now and Xfactor ( Request )

P.S: Super late happy 2 years of 5H!!!!! :D
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boys r so weak. boys r some pathetic shit. if u punch me in the boob my boob will still b able to sustain life for a new fuckin human. my boob can sustain the human race. if i kick u boys hard enough in the nuts u will never reproduce. ur genetic line is over bub. one well placed stiletto and u are getting shitty half-assed boners and no babies 4 life. who has the power son. who owns u. girls own u. i own u punk. sit down

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seeing your friends after they went out and had fun and “forgot” to invite you


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@camila_cabello: be very careful in these halls. some guy in an American t shirt is always photobombing. @thevampsbrad
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Me bending over to pick up my pencil


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